Century College – Marketing & Web Design

Century College - Marketing & Web Design

I took Marketing and Web Design at Century College. The courses covered web design and development; the process of planning, creating, editing, publishing, maintaining, and managing a website; HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; interactive forms and buttons; appropriate color and graphics; attention to issues of audience, layout, compatibility, and functionality; Microsoft Expression Web 3 & 4; classroom presentation of final website project; social media marketing; strategies to improve communication and brand messaging between a business or organization and various target markets and stakeholders; search engine optimization; increasing web traffic; social networking sites; mobile marketing; YouTube; blogging; affiliate advertising; marketing products/services to target audiences and creating a social media marketing plan for a local business.

MKTG 2065 – Principles of Social Media Marketing

This course focused on social media marketing in business including the use of various tools and social media marketing strategies to improve communication and brand messaging between a business or organization and various target markets and stakeholders. Topics included search engine optimization, increasing web traffic, tools and services such as Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites, mobile marketing, YouTube, blogging, affiliate advertising, etc. to market products/services to target audiences. The course focused on strategies for using social media as well as best practices, communication methods and various options of choice. We addressed ethical issues as well as day-to-day management and implementation of social media marketing activities.


At the end of this course I was able to:

  • Identify how social media is a component of the integrated marketing plan and strategy for a brand, service and/or company.
  • Examine the tools and resources available to protect and manage trademarks, brands and intellectual property in an online environment.
  • Identify the origin and history of social media marketing and trends for future developments in the tools available and impact on marketing activities.
  • Use social media tools including but not limited to blogs, social networking sites, social communities, social databases, folksonomies, article sharing sites, geo-locational mashups and mobile applications and widgets as part of a marketing plan strategy.
  • Measure and manage social media marketing/market penetration for each specific online tool and do so collaboratively.
  • Communicate effectively with emotion and marketing language in social media forums, blogs and pages by learning the new fundamentals of online communication.
  • Apply marketing ethics to social media and understand new ethical guidelines that pertain specifically to online communication in social media.
  • Critique social media marketing methodologies.
  • Synthesize research to define common terminology.


Social Media Marketing Plan - Lisa Boerum

You can view (or download) the complete 50-page Social Media Marketing Plan PDF here.

CAPL 1050 – Web Design, Creation and Management

This course included an introduction to Microsoft Expression Web 3 and 4. The objectives of this course were:

  • To learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Expression Web 3 and 4.
  • To learn the planning and decision-making process involved in creating web pages, websites, and style sheets (CSS).
  • To learn the proper procedures to create web pages and websites that include text, images, and hyperlinks, and are suitable for coursework, professional purposes, and personal use.
  • To learn how to use the Expression Web tools and user-interface to create web pages, websites, and style sheets that are easy to create, maintain, and use.


  • Practiced conducting search queries, saving text and images to a file, and downloading files
  • Demonstrated the process of planning, creating, editing, publishing & maintaining a website
  • Completed/submitted Web site proposal form
  • Completed/submitted a storyboard of the website
  • Created a navigational structure to connect all pages in the site
  • Used Expression Web software to create and revise web pages
  • Effectively used CSS to format text and pages
  • Inserted an interactive component—form, survey, and guestbook
  • Used appropriate color, graphics, and style for my subject
  • Used alternate text for all graphics
  • Used multiple components such as interactive buttons, custom link bar, JavaScript, etc.
  • Created a website with bookmarks, hypertext links, & graphics
  • Created tables and in-line frames
  • Developed form applications
  • Created my web project using Expression Web software
  • Demonstrated my understanding of web page creation with attention to issues of audience, layout, compatibility, and functionality
  • Presented my final project (website) to the class



LGFitnessBlog.Wordpress.com – This fitness website was originally created with Microsoft Expression Web. Rather than paying for it to be hosted, I transferred the HTML/posts/pages to a WordPress.com site which offers free hosting. WordPress.com does not allow css customization or editing; so, I did lose the original design and layout. WordPress.com offers this free hosting in lieu of placing ads on my site and they are placing the ads right on top of my header. PLEASE excuse the obnoxious ads!

I recently started a new (updated) fitness site, Lisa’s Health & Fitness Transformation (image shown below), and I am in the process of transferring my content to the new site; however, these obnoxious ads have made me decide to move ALL of my WordPress.com sites to WordPress.org and making them subdomains of this (LisaBoerum.com) site. I will be doing this soon.


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