Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Plan by Lisa Boerum

This social media marketing plan was prepared for Cave Associates/ is a commercial real estate company located in Roseville, MN.

This was my final project in my social media marketing class at Century College. It was a group project that two classmates and I created. We researched, analyzed, strategized, and created a performance-driven online marketing program customized for the company. We made the company part of our process. We listened, learned, discovered, and challenged the company. We created this social media marketing plan to conform to the needs of Cave Associates and to increase the company’s brand awareness, online traffic and revenue.

You can view (or download) the complete 50-page Social Media Marketing Plan PDF here.

This completed project shows my skills in the following:

  • How to create a marketing plan/social media marketing plan

    • The Executive Summary – a synopsis of the entire social media plan – includes a sentence about:
      • the company and the industry it is in.
      • how the company is situated in its industry.
      • who the company’s customers are.
      • the problem confronting the company.
      • why social media was chosen as a solution.
      • the proposed solution and its outcome.
    • The Purpose Statement
      • Create “the pitch” for the social media plan and campaign. Answers the question “why are we doing this”.
    • The Situational Analysis – Company Analysis
      • The Goals, Mission, Vision and Core Value Statements
      • Detailed description of the company’s current economic (market position), political, geographical, social, and cultural environments.
      • SWOT Analysis
    • The Situational Analysis – Competitor Analysis – focused on the most crucial competitors
      • The competitor’s market position
      • The competitor’s digital footprint
      • The competitor’s strengths and weaknesses relative to social media and online engagement
    • Market Segmentation
      • Profiles of customers
      • Segmentation of customers represented with charts
    • The Four P’s of Campaign
      • Product
      • Price
      • Placement (of product)
      • Promotion
    • Goals and Objectives
      • Goal setting – list 1 – 3 goals
      • Objectives to reach the goals – focused, measurable and attainable
    • Strategies by Network Community, and Blog Categories
      • Strategies to reach each goal and objective
      • Platform or communication channel to use to reach objective
      • Approach to use to reach objective
      • Strategic metric used to measure success in reaching objective
    • Action and Implementation
      • Specific actions – chronological – how, who and when (this section can get quite long)
    • Financial Statements
      • What is the budget you are working with?
      • How much will each item/activity cost?
    • Conclusion
      • This is it! This is my last and final chance to make an impression and score the funding needed to launch this plan into action.
  • Other skills used include:

    • Communication – verbal and written
    • Team work, collaboration, delegation, and leadership
    • Presentation, listening, influencing, and negotiating
    • Market research – brand awareness/reach, market segmentation, acquisition, customer satisfaction/retention, competitor…
    • Analytical, lateral and critical thinking
    • Problem solving
    • Creativity and the ability to think “outside the box”
    • Planning, strategy, goal setting, and organization
    • Attention to detail
    • Time management and prioritizing tasks
    • Knowledge of social media platforms
    • Knowledge of website trends, platforms and models
    • Knowledge of online resources for market research

You can view (or download) the complete 50-page Social Media Marketing Plan PDF here.

If you are interested in viewing the original final project template from the instructor,
you can view the PDF here: Social Media Plan Template

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