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Lisa Boerum’s Website Portfolio

Some of the Websites I’ve Created

I created my first website in 2008 for my child care business, Awesome Beginnings Childcare. It was a simple website and I didn’t use or know anything about HTML or CSS at the time. I created my first “true” website in 2010 for Awesome Beginnings 4 Children, an ecommerce business that I owned. It was actually two sites that I designed to match each other. I created it with WordPress and Zencart and learned how to code it with HTML and CSS. I placed the Zen Cart site in a “/store” folder and I linked them together. I have been “hooked” on creating websites, and content for them, ever since.

I have used WordPress.org or WordPress.com for most of the websites that I’ve created; although, I am in the process of transferring all of my sites to WordPress.org and do not plan to use WordPress.com in the future. WordPress.com is a free, hosted service and offers this free hosting in lieu of placing ads on the sites that it hosts. On one of my sites, WordPress.com is placing the ads right on top of my header. Visitors may not realize that I am not sponsoring these ads. This is one of the reasons that I have decided to transfer all of my WordPress.com (free) sites to sub domains on LisaBoerum.com (this site). I will be doing that soon. The other reason that I do not like using WordPress.com is that they don’t give you access to the site’s code. You can write and edit your content using HTML and a limited amount of inline CSS. You cannot add a style section at the top of a post/page. If you do, WordPress.com immediately strips it out. Also, you cannot access any of the style sheets (CSS), use any JavaScript, access any PHP files or use any plugins. For a monthly fee, WordPress.com will remove ads and give you a custom domain, email, and basic design customization. WordPress.org will give you a lot more for a “monthly fee”.

I like WordPress.org; however, it does have one drawback. WordPress messes with your code. In an attempt to be helpful, WordPress automatically adds or removes HTML tags where it thinks you want them. This happens when you switch from the code editor to the visual editor. One example is if I have added styles to the top of the page, switching to the visual editor causes WordPress to add break tags after each line. CSS will not work with break tags inserted. As a result, I never open the visual editor on any pages or posts. I write all of my pages and posts with HTML and CSS and then I don’t have this problem.

Lisa Boerum’s Website Portfolio

Here are some of the websites that I have created and some that are in process right now.

snapshot of Lisa Boerum's resume and portfolio website


This is my NEW Online Resume, Professional Portfolio & Blog. My previous resume/portfolio site is hosted on WordPress.com which is the free version of WordPress. As I mentioned above, WordPress.com places ads on their sites in lieu of their free hosting and only allows very basic customization and does not allow access/editing of any code files. This site is a work in progress and will replace LisaBoerum.Wordpress.com (below).

snapshot of Twin Cities Home Search website


This is the main real estate website for my current position as Executive Assistant for a Keller Williams Premier Realty agent. It is a fairly new website. Keller Williams provides each agent with a website and recently switched website vendors. They are using a hosting company that does not give complete control of the website’s design/code; so, we decided to independently host our main site so that we could have complete control of it. I am still in the process of designing it, transferring the content over from our old site, and writing new content for it.

snapshot of Lisa Boerum's WordPress dot com website


Lisa Boerum’s Online Resume, Professional Profile & Blog ~ This site is a free WordPress.com site. It doesn’t allow any CSS editing or code access. It will soon be replaced by LisaBoerum.com, Lisa’s NEW online resume and portfolio site (listed above).

snapshot of Pristine Cleaning Team website


I am currently in the process of creating this website for a new residential cleaning business, Pristine Cleaning Team. It is a partnership and the owners have worked in the residential cleaning business for over ten years and have decided it’s time to venture out on their own.

snapshot of Awesome Beginnings 4 Children website


I created this website in 2010 for Awesome Beginnings 4 Children, an ecommerce business that I owned. It was actually two sites (WordPress and Zen Cart) that I designed to match each other and then I linked them together to make them appear as if they were one website.

snapshot of Awesome Beginnings 4 Children online store


I created the store section of this website with ZenCart. I placed the Zen Cart site in a “/store” folder, designed it to match the WordPress site and linked them together so they would appear to be one, seamless website.

snapshot of Our Journey to Fitness and Health website


Our Journey to Fitness and Health ~ This site was originally created in my web design class at Century College. I used Microsoft Expression Web 4 to create it. Rather than paying to have it hosted, I moved the content to WordPress.com, a free hosting platform. I lost my site’s design and layout in the process as WordPress.com does not allow it’s users to access or edit any code files. This site will be replaced by Health & Fitness Transformation. I am currently in the process of designing the site and transferring the content.

snapshot of Health and Tranformation website


My NEW Health & Fitness Blog – This site is a work in progress. I am in the process of transferring content from Our Journey to Fitness and Health to this site. This site will replace that site once I have finished designing this site and have moved all of the content over.

snapshot of The Cause the Cure website


Lisa Boerum’s Fibromyalgia/Vitamin D Deficiency Website & Blog ~ This fairly new website/blog is also a work in progress; however, it will remain simple and to the point.

snapshot of Lake Elmo Life website


This website was the first website that I created in my current real estate position. It was a website made specifically for lead generation in Lake Elmo, MN. It is no longer active as we decided to add the content to our main website, TwinCitiesHomeSearch.com.

snapshot of 2012 Travel Trailer for Sale website


I created this website in 2015 to sell our 2012 travel trailer. We bought this travel trailer new in 2012 and put it on a seasonal site at St. Croix River Resort (formerly St. Croix Haven Campground) twenty-three miles east of Hinkley. Midwest Outdoor Resorts purchased St Croix Haven Campground in 2014. Midwest owns several resorts across the US and operates like a time share. They were no longer going to offer seasonal sites; however, they were grandfathering in the current seasonal campers. A lot of seasonal campers decided to leave and since our schedules had prevented us from being able to go up there as often as we would like, we decided to sell. It was still in excellent, like-new condition; so, I felt that a website with space for all of the features and photos was the best way to sell it. It sold quickly.

snapshot of KWPR admin mastermind website


I started an admin mastermind group for our brokerage in 2014 and created a website for our members to communicate and share with each other. When the website was still in it’s infancy, I duplicated it as a “sample site”. Members names, photos, and personal information were omitted from this site. This is the reason for members such as “Perry Pickle” and “Tim Tweety” on the membership page. The original website is a private, members-only site that requires login.

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